Strengthening Partnerships to Help Reunite More Lost Pets

By Lauryn Cash | May 30, 2024

Petco Love Lost announces partnership with Nextdoor to take pet reunification efforts to new heights

At Petco Love Lost, our mission is simple yet powerful: to help reunite lost pets with their families. Every day, we work tirelessly to leverage the latest technology and resources to make this goal a reality. And now, we're thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership that will take our efforts to new heights: Nextdoor is joining forces with Petco Love Lost to reunite more lost pets with their families.  

At the heart of our partnership with Nextdoor↗ lies a shared commitment to community and connection. Just as Petco Love Lost serves as a centralized platform for reuniting lost and found pets nationwide, Nextdoor acts as a virtual town square where neighbors can come together to share information. By integrating Nextdoor into the Petco Love Lost database, we're bridging these two essential pillars of community, creating a seamless experience for pet parents and pet lovers to help bring lost pets back home.  

Together, Petco Love Lost and Nextdoor are revolutionizing the process of reuniting lost pets 

Gone are the days of having to look across multiple platforms in search of a lost pet. With Nextdoor seamlessly integrated into the Petco Love Lost database, pet parents now have access to a comprehensive view of all relevant pet posts — across Nextdoor and Petco Love Lost community and shelter posts — in one centralized location. 

With this integration, Nextdoor posts will automatically be shown within Petco Love Lost search results. Should you see a post from a User on Nextdoor that is a match to your lost pet, you can easily connect with that user directly through the Petco Love Lost platform you know and love. This direct line of communication fosters collaboration and community engagement, strengthening the collective efforts of Petco Love Lost and Nextdoor to help reunite more lost pets

Join Us in Making a Difference 

At Petco Love Lost, we believe that every pet deserves to be safe, happy, and loved. Our partnership with Nextdoor represents a significant step forward in realizing this vision, as we harness the power of technology and community to bring lost pets back home where they belong. 

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