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Want to help reunite pets with their parents? Search all lost and found pets in your area then create an account to easily message the pet parent or finder from our site.

Help lost pets

How to take action

We’re here to help you help pets find their way back home

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View pets in your area

Visit Petco Love Lost, Facebook, Neighbors and Nextdoor to view lost and found pets near you.

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Spread the word

Share lost and found pets from Petco Love Lost across social media, email, and text to alert your community.

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Hang pet flyers

Print lost and found pet flyers from Petco Love Lost to post in neighborhoods, vet offices, coffee shops, and other local businesses.

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Organize a pet search

Coordinate a community search with the pet parent, local animal shelters, and volunteers who can help cover more ground.

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Sign up now in case they go missing later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers about how to reunite a pet you found with their owner