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5 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe On Holidays

By Jennifer Perez | August 24, 2021

Did you know more pets go missing on the Fourth of July weekend than any other time of the year? In fact, the next day (July 5) can be one of the busiest days for animal shelters. Prevention is key, and there are steps you can take to keep your pet safe.

Why do holidays present higher risks? Whether it's a door accidentally left open during a family gathering or loud fireworks that cause a pet to flee, it can happen instantly and to anyone.

Petco Love Lost teamed up with Kat Albrecht-Thiessen, police detective turned pet detective and founder of the Missing Animal Response Network, to offer helpful tips↗ so more pets can remain safe with the families that love them. 

Follow these 5 tips for keeping your dog safe during the holidays:

1. Prepare a Week in Advance

Holiday celebrations often last more than one day, so be prepared to protect your pet a week before and after the holiday. Early fireworks and leftover fireworks can catch many pet parents off guard. 

To make sure you prepare your pets for the July 4th holiday:

  • Provide a safe place with some toys and a comfortable bed. 

  • Stay calm, since your calming presence can help dogs feel calm, too. 

  • Stock up on some distracting and tantalizing treats to help your pup feel less anxious around sudden, unexpected sounds.

  • Consider taking early walks and keeping pets inside once it gets dark, just in case.

2. Keep Your Pet Secure

When panicked by fireworks and other loud noises, dogs run and cats hide. You know your pet best. Think about your pet's behavior as you decide to attend holiday parties or leave them safe at home to keep your pet secure. Also make sure they have adequate leashes, harnesses, gated off areas, etc.

To keep your pet safely indoors:

  • Crate them or place them somewhere comfortable and turn on a TV or stereo to drown out loud noises.

  • Ensure your dog is adequately leashed with a collar and ID tag if you're outdoors.

  • Loop the leash around your shoulder, so your dog is still attached to you if you trip or fall. 

3. Check Your Yard

While it is best to keep your pet indoors, you should also ensure your yard and home are secure, and your pet cannot escape when panicked. 

To keep your pet safely away from fireworks: 

  • Make sure your yard's fence is sturdy with no loose boards, nothing your dog could climb and jump over, or dig and crawl under.

  • Check that window screens and exterior doors to your yard are securely closed and curtains are drawn.

4. Keep Your Pet's ID Tag and Microchip up to Date

Ensure your pet's microchip is registered with current contact information, and make sure your pet has a properly fitted collar with a current ID tag. This goes for cats too! Try a temporary paper tag if your cat doesn't wear a collar and tag. 

5. Register Your Pet on Petco Love Lost

Upload your pet's photo to Petco Love Lost's free national lost and found database to prepare for the unexpected. If your pet goes missing, one click will allow you to quickly search thousands of found pets using patented pet facial recognition technology. Our lost and found pet database is also available in Spanish.


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