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National Playgroup Event Highlighting Super Social Dogs at Animal Shelters in Rocktober

Iconic musicians join forces with nonprofits Petco Love and Dogs Playing for Life to showcase adoptable dogs.

TEST_Ace & MailaPhoto by Anabel Dflux for web

San Antonio, TX – In a unique collaboration, national nonprofit organization Petco Love is teaming up with Dogs Playing for Life↗, BOBS from Skechers™↗, musicians Rick Springfield and Ace Von Johnson, as well as “Doggy Parton”, Dolly Parton’s pet apparel line, to put the spotlight on dogs in 43 animal shelters across the country during National Playgroup Rockstars Adoption events. The events are being held on October 7th in the heart of Rocktober.

The adoption events will highlight social dogs, “Playgroup Rockstars,” while they are playing harmoniously in groups, so potential adopters can see their personalities shine. For those interested in adopting a Rockstar dog, or duo, at National Playgroup Rockstars Adoption events on October 7th, adoption fees will be waived. Community members are invited to attend a ‘meet and greet’ and see these dogs play.

Iconic and world-renowned musicians are supporting this one-of-a-kind adoption event designed to find loving homes for these amazing dogs while promoting the importance of playgroups at animal shelters and rescues. L.A. Guns guitarist and Rock Star Ace Von Johnson is passionate about rescuing dogs. “My best friends, Maila, Rufus, and foster Willow, mean the world to me. Adopting my dogs from a shelter was the best decision I could have made. We need to rally as many pet lovers as possible at these Playgroup Rockstars events so they can truly see how wonderful these shelter dogs are, and hopefully they will meet their new best friend.” Von Johnson will be ‘meeting and greeting’ with the rockstar dogs at the adoption event at Williamson County Animal Center in Franklin, TN on October 7th.Tennessee native and legendary musician, songwriter, and animal lover Dolly Parton, is offering support via her playful line of pet apparel, available at Petco↗. The international superstar is providing iconic flair from her “Doggy Parton” line for adoptable dogs at Williamson County Animal Center so they can shine bright while being center stage. Award winning musician and Rock Star Rick Springfield has cherished dogs all his life and knows what a difference they make. “Dogs are the real Rock Stars. They have a way of showing you unconditional love and loyalty, but also, they are a blast! These Rockstars will certainly put on a show for you at the adoption events, when they get to play together and enjoy their day.”

Dogs Playing for Life created the unique playgroup shelter dog enrichment program operating with the simple philosophy of “Every Dog, Every Day, Let Them Play!” Their goal – to ensure shelter pets’ positively experience life at an animal shelter, while providing shelter personnel the information needed to help those pets find new loving homes. For people who already have dogs, the Playgroup Rockstars Adoption Event allows you to see these dogs in action and find that perfect match for your existing pet. For those considering adopting two dogs, the teams on the ground can help you find the perfect pair.

“Big dogs often spend longer time periods in shelters waiting to be adopted, especially now. Playgroups create a healthy and mentally stimulating environment for these dogs while showcasing their fun, playful side to potential new families,” said Petco Love President, Susanne Kogut. “Dogs are usually social by nature; they simply love some fun, rough and tumble playtime. I always encourage adopters to consider two canine friends to make life more enjoyable for the pets and people in your household.”

Dogs Playing for Life programming takes place at more than 350 shelters across the U.S. Founder and CEO, Aimee Sadler, began developing the program in 1998, when she observed that large dogs at shelters often never left their kennels due to staffing and volunteer limitations. The nonprofit organization trains animal shelter personnel to assess and integrate dogs into large-dog playgroups properly as a normal part of shelter life. “Events like Playgroup Rockstars allow dogs to have fun with each other and showcase their playful nature and true personalities. When people visit the shelter and see the dogs in action, they can better picture these dogs as part of their family,” said Sadler.

Media Contact: Crystal Bugary, Petco Love,↗

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