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Become an adoption partner.

Want to do pet adoptions at Petco? We can help!

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Making adoption an easy option

We bring pets + people together.

1,500 participating Petco locations image
1,500 participating Petco locations

Some Petco locations offer full on-site adoption centers or stationary cat habitats where partners can house and promote their adoptable pets.

6.8 million pets adopted image
6.8 million pets adopted

We’ve helped millions of pets find loving families through nationwide adoption events, and we’d love to help millions more, starting in your community.

Exclusive adoption resources image
Exclusive adoption resources

Our adoption partners can provide exclusive adoption support benefits, ensuring every new pet family has what they need to enjoy a happy, healthy life together.

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See you tomorrow?

In-store adoption centers and habitats

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Save the date

In-store pet adoption events

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