We're Honoring Lifesaving Work

Petco Love and Victoria Stilwell honor Unsung Heroes across the nation for their extraordinary lifesaving efforts for pets in need.

There are Unsung Heroes all around us, in every community, helping us get one step closer to creating a lifesaving nation. These inspiring stories prove the difference that one person can make in creating a better world for pets.


In 2022, we were pleased to announce that Samira Yaghi of Fairfield County Adoption Center earned the title of National Unsung Hero for her work saving animal lives in South Carolina. Fairfield County Adoption Center received a $25,000 grant investment from Petco Love to recognize her incredible work.

Dr. Eric Jayne

Sovereign Nations Veterinary & Animal Balance

Dr. Jennifer Stonequist

Kitsap Humane Society

Jayne Johnson

Lifeline Puppy Rescue

Jerry Anderson

Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association

Samira Yaghi

Fairfield County Adoption Center


Past Unsung Hero Honorees

Gloria Marti

Save a Sato

Shannon Wells

Kansas City Pet Project

Karl Booker

LifeLine Animal Project

Cindy Keown


Darrell McCurtain

Nuzzles & Co.

Jim Phieffer


Ken Stein

Feline Canine Friends

Tae Bennett

Humane Rescue Alliance

Dr. Gail Counts

Sierra's Haven for New & Used Pets

Grace Hamlin

The W-Underdogs

Jacob Himes

Humane Society of South Mississippi

Catherine Lemunyon

Arenac County Animal Control

Chris Martin

Lewis & Clark Humane Society

Sarah Saunders

Bayou Animal Services

Anne & Kerry Smith

Cat Adoption Team

Danielle Stewart

Apollo Support and Rescue

Frequently Asked Questions

  • People's Choice Voting Round FAQs

    What is the People’s Choice Voting Round?

    The People’s Choice Voting Round gives the public the opportunity to select the National Unsung Hero from our five Unsung Heroes. The Unsung Hero with the most verified votes at the end of the voting period will be named National Unsung Hero and receive a $25,000 grant award for their organization.

    When is the People’s Choice Voting Round?

    The People’s Choice Voting Round will start on April 5, 2022 and closes on April 18, 2022, noon CT.

    How Do I Vote?

    Voting will be made available on pcfdev.wpengine.com/unsunghero on April 5, 2022.

    Who is eligible to vote?

    Voting is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico with a valid email address.

    Can I vote for more than one Unsung Hero?

    Absolutely! You are more than welcome to vote for more than one Unsung Hero. However, you will only be able to vote for each Unsung Hero once.

    May I enter a vote on behalf of someone other than myself?

    No, you may only vote on behalf of yourself once using your own email address. Voters must verify their email address to vote and be in the United States.

    Am I able to vote with more than one email address?

    No, voting with multiple email addresses is not be permitted. Offering incentives for voting, paying for votes, or voting on behalf of another person is not permitted. Petco Love reserves the right to remove fraudulent votes and disqualify organizations from the People’s Choice voting.

    I clicked “Send Confirmation Email” but never received a link to confirm my vote. Can you help?

    In most cases, the link may have been sent to your junk or spam folders. If you are still unable to confirm your vote, email us at media@petcolove.org.