Pledge to Save Pet Lives


Join us in saving animal lives

When we all pledge to save lives, our acts of love come together to make a big difference for animals.


people have taken the pledge, join them!

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Why I Pledge to #SavePetLives

Animal lovers from across the nation are joining together
to #savepetlives, will you join them?


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Every pet in a shelter has a story, and deserves to have their best chapters left to be written. Any pet can become a queen like Chewlia, and that's why we pledge to #SavePetLives!


We decided to take the pledge to #savepetlives because there are so many special dogs out there like Theo and Scout!


We pledge to #savepetlives by adopting, donating to our local shelter and helping our local shelter raise funds!



Thousands of animal lovers have joined Petco Love and BOBS from Skechers and taken the pledge to #savepetlives across the U.S.

Save Pet Lives in Your Community

Check out these articles, tips and ideas to help your community save lives.

Lifesaving by the Numbers

This is the math reality of animal sheltering – there is a building, animals come in, and animals go out. Since facility capacity is limited, to avoid unnecessary euthanasia, the number of animals going out must equal the number coming in. It’s that simple. On March 14, 2020, Dallas Animal Services,… Read more »

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Fostering a Pet Can Change Your Life

If you’ve been thinking of doing it, if you’ve been feeling the need to help, now’s the time. Foster a shelter pet and help save a life! Shelters and rescues across the nation are looking for foster parents for various pets in their care. Become a foster parent and discover… Read more »

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What to Expect When You Adopt

Bigger smiles. Cozier naps. Warmer welcomes every time you walk in the door. When you adopt a pet, so many things change for the better. Adopting a pet brightens your life and adds unconditional love every day. And not only do you give a loving home to a shelter pet,… Read more »

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In Partnership with Bobs from Skechers

Join Petco Love and BOBS from Skechers in saving animal lives across the U.S. When you purchase BOBS from Skechers, a donation is made to Petco Love to help shelters save animal lives nationwide.