Skye the Search & Rescue Dog

From Homeless to Hero, Skye is a trained search and rescue working dog that is paired with a first responder to find people buried alive during a disaster.

Andi + Skye

Skye, a high-energy Border Collie, was awaiting rescue in a South Dakota animal shelter.

"Labeled as an escape artist, his adoption prospects were limited."

Thankfully, someone recognized he needed a job. The Search Dog Foundation, an organization that trains rescued dogs and pairs them with first responders to find people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters, was called in to evaluate him for search and rescue work. He was a perfect fit!

Skye was paired with Andrea (Andi) Sutcliffe of Texas Task Force 2 in Dallas, TX and trained at the National Training Center at the Search Dog Foundation in Santa Paula, CA.

Since 2013, Skye has deployed to several disaster sites, including wreckage from a few tornadoes and a parking garage collapse in downtown Dallas.

“Skye is a hero in so many ways,” said Andi. “He is driven, focused and will search tirelessly to find the victim that needs to be rescued. The bond and trust that we share is like no other. I trust my dog and my confidence in him never wanes. I lost my father to cancer in March, my sister is now battling brain cancer, and I get human plasma infusions every four weeks due to low antibodies and the inability to fight off infections. Through all of this, Skye has been my constant source of comfort. He is there when I am laughing, he is there when I am crying, he brings me joy, he is MY hero.”