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who we support

We offer support opportunities for organizations throughout the year. Organizations are invited to apply based on their organization type or primary purpose and mission. All requests for support should be submitted through our online application portal, Find your organization type below to learn more.

We are unable to support individuals, organizations outside the United States, or non-profit organizations whose primary mission is not related to companion animal welfare.

2021 Application Periods

*Pet Cancer Research & Treatment Organizations are by invitation only. All application periods close at 5PM PT/8PM ET on the final day.

Feb 1
Feb 26

Helping Heroes: Service and Working Animal Providers

Apr 1
Apr 30

Intake Diversion and Spay Neuter Providers

Jul 1
Aug 31

Animal Welfare Organizations

Feb 1
Sep 30

Holiday Wishes

Aug 1
Dec 31

Data Saves Lives


other opportunities

Cancer Treatment Fund

PCA Shelter Pet Cancer Treatment Fund

This grant opportunity is available to current, active Petco Love partners seeking assistance for a pet with cancer, either a pet in your care or one who has been adopted within the last six months.   Apply Now
Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Support

Disaster relief support will be considered for organizations directly affected by natural disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes as well as qualified first responders and disaster relief agencies.   Apply Now
Community Adoption Events

community adoption events

We sponsor community adoption events that have a goal of more than 500 adoptions. These events are often held at a location other than a shelter, where multiple animal welfare organizations join together. Apply for up to three events within one application.   Apply Now

Unsung Heroes

Petco Love and Victoria Stilwell are honoring Unsung Heroes across the nation for their extraordinary lifesaving efforts on behalf of animals. These inspiring stories prove the difference that one person can make in creating a better world for pets.

Learn More

love stories grant campaign

More than 20,000 adopters have shared the big and small ways that their pet changes their life to help animal welfare organizations across the country earn more than $5.8 million in grant awards. Learn more and see how your adopters can help share their love story to help your organization earn lifesaving funds.

The Innovation Showdown

Are you an animal welfare professional with an idea that could help change the landscape of animal welfare and save more lives? You will have the chance to compete for investments to make BIG things happen for animals!

application period details

  • Innovation Showdown
    Are you an animal welfare professional with an idea that could help change the landscape of animal welfare and save more lives? Ready to compete for thousands of dollars in funding to make BIG things happen for animals? Submit your idea to our "Innovation Showdown" and you could have the opportunity to make your lifesaving pitch in front of a distinguished panel of innovation investors at the HSUS Animal Care Expo. The 2020 Application is closed.
    Learn More
  • Helping Heroes: Service and Working Animal Providers
    Starting in 2020, our annual Helping Heroes grant investments will be available to organizations that transform pets into heroes that serve our nation, including pets supporting first responders, police, and our nation’s military veterans with priority on funding those organizations that utilize shelter or other at-risk pets in their programs, as well as support to help military and contract working dogs retire at home.
  • Intake Diversion and Spay Neuter Providers
    Petco Love grant investments for organizations whose primary mission is spay and neuter or other diversion programs that help people keep their pets and reduce the number of pets from entering shelters. We welcome organizations like spay and neuter clinics, community cat groups, and other support organizations to submit requests with this application.
  • Animal Welfare Organizations
    The following organizations are eligible to apply:
    • Animal Control agencies & non-profit organizations responsible for animal control sheltering.
    • SPCA/humane societies and other non-profits that operate primarily out of an animal sheltering facility.
    • Non-profit organizations that are primarily foster-based rescues.




  • Holiday Wishes: Sheltering & Adoption Organizations
    We invite pet parents and animal lovers across the country to share stories about how adopting a pet changed their lives—all for the chance to give deserving animal welfare organizations an opportunity to receive grants from Petco Love.
    Read past winning Holiday Wishes stories!
  • Pet Cancer Research & Treatment Organizations
    Support for fighting pet cancer and other significant disease-related killers of companion animals is available for organizations that help pet parents with the cost of lifesaving treatments and/or research towards a cure, prevention or more effective treatments. Application is by invitation only and is restricted to studies involving clinical trials for treatment alternatives of naturally occurring cancers. No support is provided to fund research testing on lab animals.

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