An Unlikely Pair Become Companions on the Path to Healing and Everyday Joy
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An Unlikel...

An Unlikely Pair Become Companions on the Path to Healing and Everyday Joy

Brynn + Biggie’s Love Story Won a $100,000 grant for Three Little Pitties Rescue
Brynn + Biggie Feature

Since 2013, Petco Love has celebrated the love that we share with our pets through our annual Love Stories campaign. In partnership with BOBS® from Skechers®, we’re excited to celebrate the special connection between Brynn and Biggie, an adopted bulldog from Three Little Pitties Rescue in Texas. Together, they earned the grand prize of $100,000 in lifesaving funding for Three Little Pitties, BOBS® from Skechers® shoes, a Petco shopping spree, and a year's supply of Yummers Pet Supply Co. pet products!

Read Brynn + Biggie’s Winning Love Story

My name is Brynn, and I am almost 10 years old. Biggie is one of my rescue dogs and also, my BFF! He came to us from Texas on a big rescue truck! When he got here, he was very sick and skinny. He needed two surgeries and lots of treats. I was worried he was so sick he was going to die. He didn't know I was going to love him no matter what.  Luckily, with a lot of hard work, we healed him. Biggie is now basically an 80lb potato on legs. For real!

For the past two years I have helped train him, heal his sicknesses, and teach him how to be gentle and cuddle. I have taught him sit, stay, GENTLE, off, and more. I would say he is a 6 out of 10 in listening! That's pretty amazing for a bulldog who had never lived with a family before. So, he's basically a genius!

When he came to live at my house my mom called him "a feral chaos machine." He just made me laugh when he jumped on tables and drooled. I knew right away he loved me most because he actually listened to me! Biggie can be naughty and silly, but he always knows when I can use some cuddles and laughs. Sometimes he steals my lunch or unwinds a whole roll of toilet paper just for fun! We spend a lot of time reading together and he lets me use him as a pillow. He likes to put his paws on my head when we are cuddling on the couch - like he is petting me. We go for walks every day, and he helps me with my math homework. He's not very good at homework. He likes to eat it instead. He learned to chew on my feet to tell me when he is bored or wants the fireplace turned on to roast his tush! Like I said, he's a bulldog genius.

Brynn + Biggie 1

My friends think Biggie is like a cartoon character. He is gentle with all kids and makes sure he is always around us. Sometimes he will lay on you if he knows you need a friend.  You just have to tell him he's heavy if he climbs on your lap. “He is basically like Velcro,” my mom says. We trip over him a lot because he likes to sleep on your feet.

Brynn + Biggie 2

We have had Biggie in our family for two years now. He has taught me how to be patient—like really, really, really, patient! He's one of my best friends. I can't even remember what the house was like before Biggie arrived. I love him to the moon.

Each year, Petco Love invites adopters to share how their pets have changed their lives to give the organizations that they’ve adopted from the chance to receive grant awards. This story by Brynn won Three Little Pitties Rescue in Texas↗ a 2024 Love Stories award.

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