Pet Cancer Treatment Helps Mika the Cat

When Joy's cat Mika was diagnosed with injection site sarcoma, Petco Love and Blue Buffalo Pet Cancer Treatment Fund helped cover the cost of Mika’s cancer treatment.

Joy + Mika

It’s not hard to see Joy and Mika’s special bond. As many pet parents can relate, 8-year-old Mika is family. “She’s one of those cats that always wants to sit on your lap and be petted,” describes pet mom Joy. “She’ll come and get you and meow at you if she wants to be petted, not for food, but to be petted. Everyone who knows her says she’s the sweetest cat they’ve ever known.”

"I’ve had her since she was born. She’s my baby; she’s like one of my kids."

One day, Joy noticed a lump on Mika’s leg. She suspected it was a cyst, so she called her local vet and took Mika in right away. After tests and x-rays, Mika was unfortunately diagnosed with injection site sarcoma.

“Of course, whenever you hear the word ‘cancer,’ fear is the first thing, just fear,” said Joy.

Mika underwent successful surgery to have the lump removed, but veterinarians informed Joy of an unfortunate possibility. “We weren’t sure if the carcinoma would come back. Later it did, and that is when we took her to Cornell for radiation treatment.”

For 14 days, Mika received treatment at Cornell University Hospital for Animals. Joy recounts, “Having her away from me was awful, it was like a hole in my life when she was gone. But knowing she was so well taken care of was amazing. It was obvious they weren’t just taking care of her physically but emotionally too, because they talked about what a sweet kitty she is.”

It was because of Petco Love & Blue Buffalo Pet Cancer Treatment Fund, that Mika was able to receive the medical care she needed.

“I would have never been able to afford to do this without the financial support I received, it’s a lifesaver,” said Joy. “Without the radiation treatment, I wouldn’t have my baby. I’m thrilled I was able to receive support, it was such a blessing.”

Petco Love and Blue Buffalo have invested more than $16 million to help fight pet cancer, the #1 disease-related killer of cats and dogs, by investing in oncology universities across the country, like Cornell University, to help pet parents afford the costs of pet cancer treatment.

“Many pets greatly benefit from radiation and chemotherapy after a cancer diagnosis, but affording treatment can be difficult for some owners,” said Dr. Meg Thompson, director of the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. “We are grateful to Petco Love and Blue Buffalo for a grant that alleviates a large portion of this stress during an already challenging time for pet parents.”

In early 2021, Mika completed her radiation treatment. Her recovery continues to go well, and she is back to being her sweet, loving self by Joy’s side. “She seems to be doing fine. She’s just a happy sweet little kitty whose favorite thing to do is just be cuddled and loved.”

Petco Love and 
Blue Buffalo are proud to partner to fight pet cancer. Together, they’ve invested more than $18 million in universities, like Cornell University, to help pet parents afford the costs of pet cancer treatment, and to support pet cancer research. Make a donation today to help fight pet cancer and provide other lifesaving care to pets in need. 

If cancer is detected early it can be treated more effectively. Check your dogs and cats regularly for the 10 Early Warning Signs as recommended by the Veterinary Cancer Society.