Rescue cat Chatterbox fights pet cancer with help from a lifesaving fund
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Rescue cat Chatterbox fights pet cancer with help from a lifesaving fund

As a spot on Chatterbox’s face grew, pet mom Elisabeth knew it was time to seek medical help.
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Petco Love and Blue Buffalo↗ are proud to partner to help pets like Neva fight pet cancer. Together, we’ve invested $20 million in universities to help pet parents afford the costs of treatment, and to support pet cancer research.

When Elisabeth noticed Chatterbox outside her office, she and her students started feeding him. They named him Chatterbox because he never stopped “talking”. Quickly, Elisabeth adopted Chatterbox and took him home.

Soon she noticed a spot over his right eye, and it kept growing and growing. Chatterbox’s vet diagnosed the spot over his right eye as a sarcoid tumor.

“They said this is a rare form of growth. They told me there was nothing they could do.” Elisabeth shared.

But she wasn’t giving up. She took Chatterbox to be seen by the oncology team at NC State University Veterinary Medicine. They recommended surgery followed by two weeks of radiation. The treatment would be expensive.

“I was stressed to the max until someone from the team said there is a way to apply for grants.” Elisabeth recalled.

Chatterbox Surgery PCA

Petco Love and Blue Buffalo have invested more than $20 million to help pets like Chatterbox fight pet cancer, the #1 disease-related killer of cats and dogs. Because Petco Love and Blue Buffalo believe access to veterinary treatment shouldn’t have to be a financial decision, grant investments are made to oncology universities across the country, like NC State University Veterinary Medicine, to support to pet parents like Elisabeth with the cost of treatment and care.

The treatment was a success. Chatterbox loves his new life. He spends his days happy at home with Elisabeth.

“Thank you, Petco Love. This was a way to really help Chatterbox and to give him another chance for a life.”

Make a donation today to help fight pet cancer and provide other lifesaving care to pets in need. 

If cancer is detected early it can be treated more effectively. Check your dogs and cats regularly for the 10 Early Warning Signs as recommended by the Veterinary Cancer Society.


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