Therapy trainee pup Neva proves pet cancer has met its match and serves smiles
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Therapy trainee pup Neva proves pet cancer has met its match and serves smiles

A timely veterinarian check revealed a tumor in Neva’s mouth. Devastated Neva could lose her life, pet mom, Laura wasted no time getting her critical care.

Petco Love and Blue Buffalo↗ are proud to partner to help pets like Neva fight pet cancer. Together, we’ve invested $20 million in universities to help pet parents afford the costs of treatment, and to support pet cancer research.

Neva was an 8-week-old Canine Companions Service Dog-in-Training when Laura picked her up for training. For months they worked together, building a bond that led to adoption, but before Neva could advance in the training program, Laura took her for her required vet visit. They learned the veterinarian wanted to do additional testing and a biopsy revealed a mast-cell tumor in her mouth. Neva was released from the program for treatment, and Laura was crushed but still determined to ensure her sweet pup, Neva, had a successful recovery. 

“I was absolutely devastated. At the time, she was only 17 months old, and I was very sad that she could potentially be losing out on her life and time,” recalled Laura.   

Neva + Laura PCA Article Insert

Neva received treatment at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, where they informed her of the Petco Love and Blue Buffalo Pet Cancer Treatment Fund, and, with support from the fund, Neva had surgery in October of 2021. They removed a few lymph nodes in her neck and part of her lip—leaving her with a brand-new smile. 

Petco Love and Blue Buffalo have invested $20 million to help pets like Neva fight pet cancer, the #1 disease-related killer of cats and dogs. Because Petco Love and Blue Buffalo believe access to veterinary treatment shouldn’t have to be a financial decision, grant investments are made to oncology universities across the country, like UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, to support to pet parents like Laura with the cost of treatment and care. 

Now, Neva is cancer-free, living with pet mom Laura, and a certified Canine Companions Therapy Animal. Laura and Neva visit first responders, college campuses, and schools, where Neva “brings so many smiles to people,” with her sweet new smile and calm demeanor.  

"Thanks again to Petco Love and Blue Buffalo for the lifesaving grant. I'm so grateful that Neva is still here and that we can celebrate life every single day."  

Make a donation today to help fight pet cancer and provide other lifesaving care to pets in need. 

If cancer is detected early it can be treated more effectively. Check your dogs and cats regularly for the 10 Early Warning Signs as recommended by the Veterinary Cancer Society.


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