Vet Student’s Dog Receives Lifesaving Cancer Treatment
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Vet Student’s Dog Receives Lifesaving Cancer Treatment

When Sarah was studying to be a veterinarian at Louisiana State University, Petco Love and Blue Buffalo Pet Cancer Treatment Fund helped cover the cost of Angel’s cancer treatment.
Angel Care

In 2019, while Sarah was a student at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine, Angel was unfortunately diagnosed with soft-tissue sarcoma. “Everything I had learned in three and a half years at vet school just went right out the window,” said Sarah. “It was scary, I didn’t know what I was going to do. My best friend of, at the time, nine years had been diagnosed with something that could potentially be really scary.”

When she learned of the cost of Angel’s surgery and treatment she was devastated, but she applied for Petco Love & Blue Buffalo Pet Cancer Treatment Fund which helps pet parents afford the cost of lifesaving treatment for their pets.

Angel Care2

“It meant I could treat her. Without that support, it would’ve been out of reach,” said Sarah. “It took away the financial burden and gave her a chance.”

Petco Love and Blue Buffalo have invested more than $16 million to help fight pet cancer, the #1 disease-related killer of cats and dogs. Because Petco Love and Blue Buffalo believe access to veterinary treatment shouldn’t have to be a financial decision, grant investments are made to oncology universities across the country, like Louisiana State University (LSU), to offer support to pet parents with the cost of pet cancer treatment.

“This grant is a tremendous gift to our clients and patients. These funds are a game changing option for clients faced with making difficult decisions for their pets,” said Jayme Looper, DVM (LSU SVM 1997), DACVR, associate professor of veterinary radiation oncology at LSU.

After completing radiation treatment, Angel recovered and got back to her playful, almost puppy-like self. And Sarah graduated from LSU with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Two years later, Angel continues to thrive, and Sarah now works as veterinarian in Texas. This experience with Angel has given her perspective to better understand her own clients and pet patients.

“Anytime I have to give that hard diagnosis now, I can relate my story with Angel. It’s scary, it’s a tough time, but there are options, things you can do to give them the best possible life and more time.”

Petco Love and Blue Buffalo↗ are proud to partner to fight pet cancer. Together, they’ve invested more than $18 million in universities, like Louisiana State University, to help pet parents afford the costs of pet cancer treatment, and to support pet cancer research. Make a donation today to help fight pet cancer and provide other lifesaving care to pets in need. 

If cancer is detected early it can be treated more effectively. Check your dogs and cats regularly for the 10 Early Warning Signs as recommended by the Veterinary Cancer Society.


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