Michigan Humane Society

Michigan Humane Society

At Petco Love, we focus on building a lifesaving nation. We believe that every animal across the country deserves a loving home to live its best life. And we believe in the power of love. Love so strong that it brings together animal lovers from all over to transform communities into lifesaving communities. We’re proud that Michigan is well on its way to doing just that.

For 139 years, the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) has served the animals of the Metro Detroit area with limited facilities, but the limitations didn’t prevent MHS’ effort to evolve and build upon their lifesaving programs and services. And now because of a recent investment from Petco Love, MHS will be able to serve, and save, more animals in a new state-of-the-art facility.

"Our new facility will enable greatly expanded opportunities."

The new Detroit Animal Care Campus opened in March 2016 and will allow for growth of MHS’ lifesaving programs and initiatives. To celebrate the new facility, MHS held a pet parade while they moved the animals from the old facility to the new facility!

“Our new facility will enable greatly expanded opportunities:  long-term behavioral and medical rehabilitation, a state of the art veterinary center, incredible adoption facilities for both dogs and cats, humane educational programs, the epicenter of our cruelty investigations and rescue work and functions as the home base for our “keeping families together” initiatives,” said Michigan Humane Society President and CEO Matthew Pepper.

In 2015, the MHS saved the lives of 11,172 animals – an increase of roughly 1,500 from 2014.  And with the new facility and the continued dedication to make a difference in the community, the number of lives saved will surely grow.

Stories of impact like MHS’ wouldn’t be possible without our Petco store partners, who are at the forefront of our fundraising campaigns. Every year, Petco store partners across the country work passionately to raise funds for animal welfare organizations and facilitate adoptions in their communities. They remind us every day what it means to serve as champions for animals.

Petco Love is proud to partner with organizations like MHS who are dedicated to creating lifesaving communities, and we thank them for helping thousands of animals each year find loving homes.

“Petco Love’s gift towards our capital campaign was instrumental in moving forward our efforts towards a facility that can more appropriately allow us to represent our mission. The commitment was an investment in the future of Detroit, an investment in MHS, and will unquestionably contribute to our ability to save more lives,” said Pepper.

Learn how you can help build lifesaving communities in your area by visiting Petco Love website.