Harris County Transfer Center

Harris County Transfer Center

When pets are healthy, they’re more adoptable—and that saves more lives. With the help of our recent investment of $180,000, Harris County Animal Shelter of Houston is breaking ground on Petco Love Transfer Center, a project with the potential to save as many as 3,100 pets per year by ensuring adoptable pets are healthy before being adopted or accepted by transfer groups.

"Petco Love’s generous gift will allow us to save animals lives by increasing their chances of being adopted."


The center will increase the shelter’s capacity and enable it to hold groups of adoptable pets—up to 87 animals at a time for 10-14 days—to ensure they’re healthy for transport. Once they’re deemed healthy, the pets will then be transported to rescue groups dedicated to helping them find loving homes. As one group of pets exits, another will enter.


“Petco Love’s generous gift will allow us to save animals’ lives by increasing their chances of being adopted,” says Dr. Umair A. Shah, Executive Director of HCPHES. “We’re extremely grateful for Petco Love’s support of our community and its homeless pets.”

The center is just one of the many investments we make to support our dedicated partners—and create lifesaving communities across the country.