$200 Million Invested in Lifesaving

September 2017

Since 1999, Petco Love has worked tirelessly to inspire pet lovers across the country to join us in our journey to create a lifesaving nation. Petco Love believes that all animals deserve to live their best life, and we are committed to investing in organizations that make the most significant lifesaving impact. Recently, we hit a major milestone as we surpassed $200 million invested in lifesaving animal welfare work.

"Recently, we hit a major milestone as we surpassed $200 million invested in lifesaving animal welfare work."

“I am incredibly proud of all the work of Petco Love and our Petco partners throughout the years. We started initially just raising and investing about $1 million annually, now we are investing more than $30 million annually,” explained Charlie Piscitello, Petco Love Board President. “It has been a privilege to witness the impact our investments make whether it is to increase pet adoptions, train more service and therapy pets, or support development of novel treatments for pet cancer.”

Over the years, Petco Love has invested more than $11 million to support service, therapy and working pet heroes and $13 million to help find a cure and develop new treatments for pet cancer.

Petco Love’s primary focus, however, is creating a lifesaving nation, which means ending the unnecessary euthanasia of animals in our country. We believe the way to achieve this national goal is to accomplish it community by community. Therefore, we focus on empowering community animal welfare organizations that wholeheartedly embrace the commitment to saving lives by providing resources to help them realize this goal.

“As we get closer to the finish line to create a Lifesaving nation, it becomes even more important that we invest wisely in the organizations making the greatest lifesaving impact with the resources available to them,” explained Susanne Kogut, Executive Director of Petco Love. “As Jim Collins said good is the enemy of great. When Petco Love evaluates where we make significant investments we look for great because we know that great animal welfare organizations will set the lifesaving standard for the future. And it is exciting that year after year, the list of great organizations continues to grow.”

Petco Love also believes in transparency of lifesaving data and impact. We ask each organization—what have you accomplished; how many animals do you care for annually; how many of those have you saved; and how did you do it—this is evaluated in relationship to the cost of doing so. Many under-resourced organizations are being overlooked by private donors perhaps because visually they don’t look exceptional—they might operate in an old run down facility or things might look at bit chaotic at times because they have limited resources. But lifesaving success is often what’s inside, it is the heart of the individuals working to save lives. We find that lifesaving success frequently requires one key component—leadership with a commitment to saving lives and a relentless determination to achieve this goal. When we find great leaders, we stick by these leaders and their organizations, empower them and lift them up to lead their entire community to join their organization and Petco Love on this lifesaving journey.

Another recent strategic pillar for Petco Love has been evaluating and investing in innovative technology and other transformational tools that can be utilized nationally to save animal lives. Petco Love’s investments in Rehome by Adopt-A-Pet.com helps individuals find adopters directly for pets needing to be rehomed and FindingRover.com seeks to create a national pet lost and found database through the use of groundbreaking pet facial recognition technology. These types of investments fulfill an unmet need for lifesaving solutions that also ease the burden on local animal shelters and allow the community members to directly participate in saving lives.

And lastly, our lifesaving commitment requires that when disasters strike, like the Baton Rouge floods in 2016 or recent Harvey and Irma hurricanes and flooding, Petco Love responds immediately deploying necessary supplies and funds to help save the animals and support the organizations on the ground in their recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Pet parents love and deeply care about their animals and this was illustrated time after time in recent disaster relief efforts. Person after person walking through waist-high waters had animals on their shoulders. People refused to evacuate without their pets because pets are family, too. The love of our pets is so real and so strong. And at Petco Love, we believe that every animal deserves to know this type of love.

So as we thank everyone for their past support, our $200 million invested is all because of you, we hope that you continue with us on our journey to create a lifesaving nation moving forward. If we all put our love for animals into action, we can do this – together we can create lifesaving change.