Wife’s Adopted Cat Melts Her Husband’s Heart

Ed “the curmudgeon” never liked cats… and then he met Buddy.

Kim + Buddy

Kim’s husband Ed had two rules: no more cats in the house, and absolutely no cats on the bed. Then he met Buddy, who melted his heart and became part of the family.

"Buddy looked at my husband with sad eyes and let out a little ‘meow.’ At that moment, I knew my plan was going to work."

I am married to Ed, a wonderful man who I love very, very much—however, this wonderful man never liked cats (or even dogs for that matter!). In January of 2016, I somehow convinced my husband that I needed to foster a kitty named Buddy (I’m part of a rescue group) because of the surgery he needed on his eyes and his teeth. This kitty was in a heap of hurt and I wanted to give him the best place to recover that I could: a quiet home. My own kitty had died a year earlier and my husband the curmudgeon said “No more cats in the house!”

Adopted cat melts heart of former anti-cat husband
After Buddy’s surgery, I brought him home. Ed the curmudgeon said that Buddy had to stay in my office for one week to heal, then he had to go back. I agreed to those terms because again, I love my husband and… I knew I could break him weak. Well, the first day Buddy came home, the door to my office was shut. As I was medicating him in popped my husband saying, “Okay, let me see this cat.” Sick and in pain, Buddy looked at him with very sad eyes and let out a little “meow.” At that moment I knew my plan was going to work.

Adopted cat melts heart of former anti-cat husband
Three days later, with Buddy still in my office, my husband and I were watching TV and he said, “So are you going to keep that cat locked up in your office the entire time?” I smiled and said “Oh, you’re okay with him coming out now?” Over the next few days, I would bring Buddy out wrapped in a blanket to sit on the couch with us in the evening. Each time my husband would peek at him, and Buddy would look at him and let out that little “meow.” One week turned into two weeks, and two weeks to three weeks, and somehow the curmudgeon started to soften and Buddy was able to roam free in the house. The only rule was he was not allowed on the bed! During this entire time, my husband kept saying “Don’t fall in love with him because he’s going back once he’s completely healed.”

Adopted cat melts heart of former anti-cat husband
I know Ed is a good man and he knew I was falling in love (and so was he!) with Buddy. On Valentine’s Day of 2016, I got a card from my husband which read… “This Valentine’s Day you get no wine, no roses, and no jewelry. Instead, you get one Buddy!”

My husband, Ed, had a hard heart to melt when it came to a kitty but Buddy was able to do just that: he melted his heart to pieces. Today Ed not only loves Buddy, but yes, Buddy does sleep with us in the bed!

Each year, Petco Love invites adopters to share the story of how their adopted pet changed their lives during the annual Holiday Wishes campaign, giving the organization that they adopted from a chance to receive a grant award. This story by Kim won Fearless Kitty Rescue in Arizona a 2018 Holiday Wishes award.