Nikita the Sheriff K9 Officer

From Homeless to Hero, Nikita is a sheriff search dog that can search very tight places and has invaluable search skills.

Thomas + Nikita

From the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, to a shelter in Massachusetts, Nikita had already come a long way when his small stature, playful personality and keen nose attracted the attention of the Worcester County Deputy Sheriff’s Office in West Boylston, MA.

Nikita may have been overlooked by potential adopters, but she was exactly what the sheriff’s office needed, as they were seeking an adaptable dog who could search very tight places like vehicles and jail cells.

"Just as they suspected, Nikita excelled in the narcotics detection academy and is now one of the most versatile K9s in their department."

 He’s also one of the only narcotic dogs around who can detect abused opioid-based prescription narcotics, an invaluable skill in a corrections environment. “I consider Nikita a hero because he has come such a long way to provide exceptional service to the citizens of Worcester County,” said Captain Thomas Chabot, Nikita’s handler. “Nikita is doing his part to save lives that would otherwise be ruined by the terrible effects of abusing narcotics.”