Military Working Dog Reunites with Former Handler and Retires by His Side

After serving overseas, Mission K9 helped military working dog, Kony, retire at home and reunite with his handler, Greg.

Greg + Kony

As a master at arms in the Navy, Greg got a recommendation to become a military working dog handler and train at Lackland Airforce Base in San Antonio, Texas. That’s where he met Kony.

Kony was trained to become an explosive detection dog, and after receiving his certification he deployed with Greg to Spain in 2017. “He does most of the work … he does 90% and I do my 10%,” said Greg. “We work together as a team — he sniffs out explosives and I’m there to look for cues from him and watch his back.”

"What these dogs do is unbelievable. We treat them just like another brother in the military."

A year later, Greg returned to San Antonio, alone, but kept Kony close to heart with a desire to help Kony retire at home with him. So, he reached out to Mission K9 with plans to adopt. “I had a friend who had previously connected with Mission K9 and they helped bring his retired military working dog back home from overseas. They said they would do everything to bring Kony back.”

Mission K9 helps rescue, reunite and rehabilitate working dogs worldwide, so that they can retire in a loving home. In 2019 with Mission K9’s support, Kony retired and Greg was reunited with his best friend.

“He came and I met him in Houston, they had his crate there. I could see him through the fence, but the guard was like, ‘You’ve got to hold on, we’ll get everything ready’ and I was just like go, go, go!” describes Greg. “I was leaning against the fence … he saw me, he knew. As soon as we got him out, we jumped around together, played around together, then we went home. It was a journey about three hours long, and he was right there just looking at me, probably in the same disbelief that we were back together.”

Today, Kony is enjoying life at Greg’s side, going on walks around the neighborhood, visiting dog parks and often found sleeping with a Kong in his mouth.

“I just want the best for him in his retirement. Every day I’m thankful for him and what he’s done,” said Greg. “What these dogs do is unbelievable. Before all this, I never knew how much they could do and how smart they are. We treat them just like another brother in the military. It feels amazing to have him back.”

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