An Adopted Cat Named Lucky Brought Love, Healing, and Hope

A chance visit to Petco brought Lucky into Erika’s life, and sparked healing and joy for her and her family.

Erika + Lucky

After a year of loss, Erika and her sister Gina decided to take a chance on an adoptable cat named Lucky. His hilarious antics and constant support brought joy and healing to his new household and gave his pet mom a stronger sense of purpose.

"Though at the time I thought we were saving him, now I know that Lucky chose us because he felt our pain and wanted to help us heal. "

2020 was an incredibly difficult year for my family. In addition to losing several family members and my parents to COVID-19, my dear sister, Gina, was diagnosed with breast cancer in December.

In need of comfort, we considered the possibility of adopting our first cat. However, fearing for my sister’s health, we had our doubts. Still, we went to my local Petco “just to look” and Lucky’s eyes instantly melted all those doubts away. After all, how could I resist this gorgeous, big, fluffy boy who just needed a loving forever home? 

Though at the time I thought we were saving him, now I know that Lucky chose us because he felt our pain and wanted to help us heal.

Through it all, Lucky and Gina have formed an unbreakable bond. What is most remarkable to me is that he always seems to know exactly what she needs! On her difficult days, he remains vigilant, always within petting distance ready to offer a comforting purr, and on better days, he jumps right on top of her, making her laugh and helping her to forget the pain. It has been a hard road, physically and emotionally, and I know that his constant support has been as important as the treatment itself. He has truly become her guardian angel, keeping her depression and anxiety in check, and I am beyond grateful for everything he does for her every single day.

Not limiting his love to the human members of the family, Lucky also has a special relationship with our 8-month-old puppy, Makiaro. Lucky quickly became his big brother and Maki is always happy to follow the lead, even if means being naughty and getting into trouble for unrolling the toilet paper. Watching them play, nap, fight, and love each other just warms our hearts. 

Taking care of Lucky has given all of us a purpose during this ordeal, fulfilling a need that we didn’t know we had. He is just such a joy to be around and we all love playing with him and spoiling him—there is even talk of building a secure outdoor play yard just for him! He has brought laughter back into our home and no amount of spoiling will ever reflect just how grateful we are for that.

As we continue to grieve our losses and face uncertainty, we no longer take anything for granted. Through these dark times, my family has grown closer together and I am glad that we opened our homes and hearts to our unexpected feline addition. This love story is just beginning, but I already know it will be one for the ages.

Each year, Petco Love Stories invites adopters to share how their pets have changed their lives to give the organizations that they’ve adopted from the chance to receive grant awards. This story by Erika won Miami-Dade County Animal Services in Doral, Florida a 2021 Love Stories award.