Janet + Becky

Dog Brings Hope and Happiness Back to Couple's Lives

Janet + Becky

It was written in the stars. We just didn’t know then that a little, 35-pound ball of appreciation had been waiting for us to be ready for her.

The loss of our son in March 2015 was followed by the loss of our precious Dallas, our 12-year-old English Springer Spaniel, a year later. The grief and pain was overwhelming, and we swore we wouldn’t get another dog.

"From sunrise to sunset, Becky fills our days with life again."

After several months, we started looking, occasionally, at the English Springer Rescue America (ESRA) website. One Monday morning, for no reason at all – other than maybe because I had just finished W. Bruce Cameron’s book, “A Dog’s Purpose” – I pulled up their website, and there was Becky – our Becky! We fell in love with her immediately and knew she belonged in our lives.

We were new to the rescue process and had a few bumps in the road before the adoption was final, but when it’s “written in the stars,” it’s written in the stars. She’s been with us for a few months now, and our lives are now bright, happy, hopeful, exciting and bursting with love, love, love. It might be a bit chaotic at times, but it’s the life one chooses when bringing a Springer into your life and home.

From sunrise to sunset, Becky fills our days with life again. She’s the reason we get up and face each day with a smile, thanks to her antics or random lick. Days are very busy, going on potty runs, fetching the newspaper, going for walks, riding in the sidecar, running through huge puddles after a heavy rain, riding in the truck, swimming in the pool, going to the beach, keeping the lizards in line, relocating the rabbits and playing ball, “find it,” hide-and-seek, tug and more!

We love watching her joy as she runs and “springs” around the backyard. And it brings us joy to see her experience the freedom she likely didn’t have before we met her. She brings hope back into our hearts by letting us bury our hands in her fur and by greeting us with enormous affection and love after a hard day at work. It’s a wonder how a living creature can wipe away pain and sorrow with such love and complete abandonment.

I’ve known many people over the years who have amazing stories to tell about pet adoption – and how it’s one of the best experiences in their lives. These animals appreciate things because they’ve seen both sides of life. But it is us who are the winners. To have Becky is to live again with hope and renewal. She gave me the strength to finally forgive my son for going away. She doesn’t know it, but I do. She only knows that she’s happy to be with us. We wouldn’t be in this special place without ESRA.

Each year, the Petco Love invites adopters to share the story of how their adopted pet changed their lives during the annual Holiday Wishes campaign, giving the organization that they adopted from a chance to receive a grant award. This story by Janet Boetsch won English Springer Rescue America in Florida a 2016 Holiday Wishes award.