Adopted Dog Gets New Career as Office Mascot

Although the first interview was a little rocky, hiring a dog named Huey turned out to be the best decision for pet dad Patrick and his coworkers.

Patrick + Huey

When shelter dog, Huey, came to visit Patrick’s workplace, the team agreed that he should be hired on the spot. It took faith on Patrick’s part to see beyond Huey’s barrier frustration issues and trust that with a second chance, Huey could be an excellent colleague. 

"The second Huey was over the threshold of that cage, he was a new dog! He was the happy creature I'd seen earlier. It took no coaxing to get him in the car, and he was the happiest dog on earth as we put the shelter in the rear-view mirror."

I first met Huey when the local Jacksonville Humane Society came to my workplace to pick up our donation. The shelter staff brought Huey along to show him off and everyone fell in love with him.

However, he was described as having “barrier frustration” and it didn’t take long for me to understand why Huey had been transferred from shelter to shelter and could not find his forever home.

After Huey left, a group of employees began a campaign to get the company’s President to adopt Huey as the company mascot. But Huey couldn’t stay at work all the time. He needed a home to go to at the end of the day! “He can stay at my place,” I offered.

I went to the shelter to pick up Huey for a trial visit to my home, but as soon as I got close to the door of his enclosure, Huey lunged toward me growling with teeth bared. After the adoption lady unlocked the door, we went in and Huey paced around nervously. He wouldn’t allow me to touch him and retreated to his cot where he howled and barked.

After about 25 minutes, I asked the adoption lady, “So, what’s next? What do we do to get him out of here?” She looked up from her laptop where she was taking notes with a sort of surprised look. I don’t think she expected me to take Huey home. But I’d already seen Huey outside the shelter and knew what sort of dog he could be.

She went to get a leash and a bag of food, and the second Huey was over the threshold of that cage he was a new dog! He was the happy creature I’d seen earlier. Huey was like, “Let’s get out of here!” It took no coaxing to get him in the car, and he was the happiest dog on earth as we put the shelter in the rear-view mirror.

Today, Huey has the run of the house. He has a bed in a little nook I call “The Huey Bat Cave,” and his own designated spot on the couch. He also has a bed in the office and one in the family room. Of course, he doesn’t really need all those beds because he has made my bed his own and jumps in at my feet when I retire for the night.

At work, Huey is the “Director of Operational Greatness” (or D.O.G.) and he loves to stroll through the office to check on his people, bringing a smile to everyone he meets.

Huey has even become something of a local hip-hop celebrity with a music video he starred in! Overall, Huey has gone from an angry shelter dog that no one wanted to a calm, gentle, loving creature who is loved by all.

He just needed a chance.

Each year, Petco Love Stories invites adopters to share how their pets have changed their lives to give the organizations that they’ve adopted from the chance to receive grant awards. This story by Patrick won Jacksonville Humane Society in Jacksonville, Florida a 2021 Love Stories award.