Growing Up Together: Adopted Puppies Find Sisters to Love

Puppy love takes on new meaning for Audrey and Charlotte when they adopt Violet and Luke.

Audrey + Luke & Violet

Audrey and Charlotte always wanted a dog. Thanks to Luke and Violet, they’re realizing their dream of being pet parents, as the four of them grow up together!

"They even asked for extra chores to earn money to go toward adopting a dog."

“Excuse me, may I pet your dog?”

That was the question we heard everywhere, every day. My daughters, Audrey and Charlotte, have been obsessed with dogs for years. When they were two and four years old, me and my husband told the girls they could have a puppy when they were eight and ten. We were SURE they would forget. We were sure they would tire of asking. But they never did.

Adopted Puppies Find Sisters to Love

Instead, Audrey and Charlotte went above and beyond to show us how much they wanted a dog. We got a presentation telling us why they wanted a dog. They dog sat for other families. They picked up other people’s dog messes without a fuss (they even fought who got to clean it up!). They even asked for extra chores to earn money to go toward adopting a dog.

Adopted Puppies Find Sisters to Love

After years of waiting, our girls were surprised with not one, but two puppies! We met a wonderful woman named Kimie who was so patient with us. After exchanging many emails over several weeks, we decided to meet a couple pups who might be a good fit for our home. It turns out, they both were! Both of the puppies had the same personality and demeanor as each of our girls.

Adopted Puppies Find Sisters to Love

Charlotte adopted a black Chihuahua mix puppy. She named her “Violet.” Violet has an energetic, happy-to-meet-you, everybody’s friend personality! Audrey picked a Beagle/Dachshund puppy who she named “Luke.” He is shy and hesitant, but a very lovable little fellow. Even though we have only had these two little loves for a short period of time, they have already improved our home. These two girls have already stepped up as amazing puppy parents, and they have made me and their Daddy very proud. They wake up early every morning to take their puppies outside, then they feed them, bath them, and pick up after their messes (indoors and out). The girls have gone from fighting about not wanting to share their things to helping each other out. They watch each other’s puppies and give each a lot of affection. We feel so blessed that these two have come into our lives and joined our little family. We are so excited see how the girls and puppies grow together!

Adopted Puppies

Each year, Petco Love invites adopters to share the story of how their adopted pet changed their lives during the annual Holiday Wishes campaign, giving the organization that they adopted from a chance to receive a grant award. This story by Terra won Kimie’s Kritters Pet Rescue in California a 2018 Holiday Wishes award.