Bruce the Cat Becomes Boy’s Best Friend

For Autumn and her sons, Bruce the cat’s gentle demeanor let them know he was special from the start and destined to become part of their family.

Autumn + Bruce

When Autumn and her sons met Bruce the cat, his demeanor was so sweet, steadfast, and accepting, they knew he had become part of their family. Thanks to Bruce, 8-year-old Xander has a feline friend of his very own, and he was able to give Bruce the “Christmas miracle” of a loving home.

"There was an instant bond between Bruce and my younger son, Xander. He almost started crying because he wanted this cat to have a family for Christmas."

It’s a special treat in our house to go “see the animals.” We typically don’t venture out very often. My 11-year-old son, Karson, has autism, speech apraxia, and sensory processing disorder, so visits to public places often end in various problems. 

Three years ago, we made the big decision to get a service dog for him. Dixie helps us go out in public safely without Karson bolting away from us or running in front of cars. Karson is the sweetest boy but often misunderstood. Our younger son Xander, who is 8 years old, has had a more difficult time dealing with these changes around his older brother. It’s not a typical role for a younger sibling, so it has been challenging.

Because the pandemic made going out much more difficult, going to see animals is something we all look forward to. We love dogs and try to pet the cats with mostly unsuccessful attempts. But one day before Christmas, we decided to go into the room with the cat cages. Typically, the cats hate seeing our dog Dixie and are scared by some of the noises Karson makes. Yet this one cat, Bruce, wasn’t. He didn’t seem to care. He wasn’t bothered by Dixie or Karson’s presence, and at that moment I knew this cat was special. 

We were persuaded to hold Bruce and again he didn’t care about Dixie being close to him or Karson petting him. In fact, this cat was AMAZING! He was scared but he was the sweetest cat I had ever met. There was an instant bond between Bruce and my younger son, Xander. He almost started crying because he wanted this cat to have a family for Christmas. Xander wanted Bruce to have his Christmas miracle. 

Just seeing the interactions between Bruce and our family, I was sold too. We didn’t want to let him go! Not ever thinking this would happen, we had to FaceTime dad at work to “okay” getting Bruce. Dad was not so happy at first, but he could see Bruce’s calm demeanor with the boys and was impressed. So, it was decided! 

Xander was so happy, he had tears of joy. He was and still is so very happy to have his own pet; his own person to be with. Bruce has helped soothe many of the issues around Xander feeling neglected around Karson and Dixie. He has his own Dixie now. 

Bruce is still the perfect cat for our family. He doesn’t bite or scratch, and he enjoys belly rubs and being hugged. We feel so incredibly fortunate to have found exactly what our family needed. Not only did Bruce find his Christmas miracle, but we also found ours too!

Each year, Petco Love Stories invites adopters to share how their pets have changed their lives to give the organizations that they’ve adopted from the chance to receive grant awards. This story by Autumn won SpokAnimal C.A.R.E.  in Spokane, Washington a 2021 Love Stories award.