Aria the Cat Keeps Her Family in Perfect Harmony

An adopted cat named Aria stays in tune with her pet family, soothing her human sisters.

Misty + Aria

When Misty saw a picture of adoptable Aria, it was love at first sight. Now the sweet kitten with the big eyes and ears is a cornerstone of her family, keeping their schedule running smoothly and prompting belly laughs with her hilarious kitten antics.

"My heart was melting, all while both girls’ differences melted away and they just loved and snuggled this adorable Siamese kitty together."

In the midst of many changes in life, we felt like we were missing a little something. We have two children, a 10-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old daughter. These two adore each other but sometimes don’t have much in common. The older one loves big hugs and lots of snuggles; the younger one shares big smiles but needs lots of space.

I began looking for an adoptable pet that needed us, too. Soon I saw those ears! And those eyes! I just fell in love. I reached out to see if my girls could “accidentally” meet this cat. I didn’t want to promise them a kitty just in case she couldn’t handle my girls and their sometimes “uncommon ground.” We went to the meet and greet and—“Oh my, look girls at those ears! And those eyes! And that huge ‘meeeooowwww’!” My heart was melting even more, all while both girls’ differences melted away and they just loved and snuggled this adorable Siamese kitty together. I secretly make plans for sweet baby girl Aria to come home with us soon.

Aria Brise Wishes is named for her sing-song meow, skipping about, and because of the wishbone pattern on her forehead. Aria is obsessed with her automatic feeding bowl and mistakes the printer for another automatic feeding bowl, which is hilarious. Aria runs from window to window chasing squirrels, and we literally belly laugh. Aria is the best mouser ever—we have zero pests! She loves drawers, fresh loads of laundry, chances to run into the garage, her TALL kitty tower from Petco, and her “secret” getaway spot in Mommy’s closet.

Aria is the common ground for my girls. She even has an early morning routine with our little daughter and an evening routine with our older daughter. Mornings are for looking outside from our little one’s room while she gets ready for school, then Aria eats breakfast with us in the kitchen. Aria checks on the little one in her bath every time and escorts us to the door every day. Then she waits for us to return at just the right time in her chair in the bay window. Aria eats dinner with us and eagerly waits for our oldest to play with her purple monkey and sparkly unicorn.

At the end of the day, Aria helps everyone to bed and tells us it’s bedtime if we are later than usual. Then when the house is quiet, she sleeps a bit with our oldest, then a bit with each of us to make sure we are all tucked in. Finally, sweet Aria finishes her nighttime rounds and snuggles me, her Mommy… and closes those eyes and tucks in those ears for hours of snuggle time. 

Aria is my unspoken wish come true, and I love her beyond words. I’ll never know how her instincts are so right on about each of us, but I’ll take it with a grateful heart. 

Each year, Petco Love Stories invites adopters to share how their pets have changed their lives to give the organizations that they’ve adopted from the chance to receive grant awards. This story by Misty won It’s Meow or Never in Tallahassee, Florida a 2021 Love Stories award.