Adopted Puppy is a Beacon of Joy for Her Family

After a loss, Daisy helped her family heal with wags, smiles and love.

Zoe + Daisy

A miscarriage led Zoe and her husband to adopt a puppy. Joyful Daisy helped start a new family — and, later, was home to welcome her new brother, too.

"She brought so much joy to our small family, we took her everywhere, and she made everyone she met happy."

Two years ago, my husband and I went into the holiday season with some big news to share with our families. At Thanksgiving, we announced to the table that I was pregnant with our first child! We were absolutely thrilled and couldn’t wait to meet the little one. It was only a few weeks later, at our second ultrasound appointment, that we got the devastating news; there was no heartbeat. I was distraught and felt the huge loss of a baby that I didn’t even have the chance to meet. There was no filling this hole but my husband and I decided a few months later that while we would continue trying to conceive, we wanted to adopt a puppy. We were ready to start building our family.

Adopted dog Daisy

I had been following Nuzzles & Co. for many months and knew that this was the time to reach out. We traveled to Utah in the hopes of meeting our first baby. This was when we adopted Daisy, our now 18-month-old sweet mutt who immediately put a smile on my face. She brought so much joy to our small family, we took her everywhere, and she made everyone she met happy. She pulled me out of my depression and gave me a purpose to get out of bed every day. She truly brought so much joy into our lives, so much so that I was able to heal both my heart and my body and I was able to get pregnant again almost a year later.

Adopted dog Daisy

The night before Jack was born, Daisy sat by our bed howling. She had never done that before but I was still two weeks out from my due date so I didn’t suspect anything. However, at my doctor’s appointment the next day, I found out that my water had broken and I was about to have a baby. It was a shock to me, but not to Daisy. She knew her brother was on the way and couldn’t have been more excited.

Adopted dog Daisy

She welcomed him when we brought him home from the hospital and has been his protector ever since. She gets up with me during the late-night feeds, stands by his basket when guests are here, and provides him with lots of kisses when he cries. She is the ultimate, sweetest, gentlest big sister to our now 3-month-old baby Jack.

Adopted dog Daisy

Our family has never felt so complete and I couldn’t imagine it without our Daisy. Thanks to Nuzzles & Co. for rescuing these sweet pups.

Each year, Petco Love invites adopters to share the story of how their adopted pet changed their lives during the annual Holiday Wishes campaign, giving the organization that they adopted from a chance to receive a grant award. This story by Zoe won Nuzzles & Co. in Park City, Utah a 2019 Holiday Wishes award.