Adopted Pug Teaches Boy About Sibling Love

Who needs a brother or sister when you have a furry best friend?

Amy + Benson

Benson and Sam are best buddies. Sam is my son; he’s an active and imaginative five-year-old. Benson is the sweet and goofy pug we adopted eight months ago. Benson came into our family after being hit by a car and surrendered to Pug Rescue of Austin. He was at the vet for nearly three months recovering from his injuries. We eagerly awaited the day we could pick him up and bring him home.

"The first night we brought him home, as we were all snuggling into bed for story time, Sam declared Benson his new best buddy."

When we did, Sam and Benson instantly hit it off. The first night we brought him home, as we were all snuggling into bed for story time, Sam declared Benson his new best buddy. They both have the same wild energy and they both come running when they hear the word cookie!

Because Sam is an only child, we wanted him to grow up with a dog: a companion that he could play with and have a special bond with. Benson has already proven to be a great best friend. When Sam is down, Benson is there to give him a big sloppy kiss. When Sam wants to run around the yard, Benson is running right next to him. Benson makes a great knight when they are playing “King” and defeating dragons.

While they do occasionally fight (Benson loves to steal Sam’s favorite toys and vise versa), they are both learning how to share and be good listeners. Benson has brought friendship, smiles, and love into our house. Not just for my son, but for my husband and myself as well. My son headed off to kindergarten this year and I was afraid the house would be too quiet without him. But not to fear, I have Benson by my side!

The best part of Sam and Benson’s friendship occurs in the evening. After Sam’s bath time, they snuggle into his bed for stories. Benson listens attentively while Sam practices sounding out the words in his book. Next, I read stories to them. Any books featuring a pug are a favorite. We do our round of goodnight kisses, and then Benson jumps off the bed. After a day of playing with his best buddy, he’s exhausted—they both are!

We are so thankful to Austin Pug Rescue. They take in pugs from all over Texas with various medical needs. I would love to pay it forward this season with a holiday wish from Petco. Benson has taught my son so much about unconditional love and friendship. I would love for Pug Rescue of Austin to have additional funds to help more pugs find their new best buddy.

Each year, Petco Love invites adopters to share the story of how their adopted pet changed their lives during the annual Holiday Wishes campaign, giving the organization that they adopted from a chance to receive a grant award. This story by Amy Thyng won Pug Rescue of Austin in Texas a 2017 Holiday Wishes award.