Adopted Dog Somersaults Her Way to Forever

For Angela, Sky was the partner and protector she needed most.

Angela + Sky

Sky taught Angela the power of patience, perseverance, and second chances. Together, they’re healing from the past and enjoying the present.

"She howls when I sing, she still trips over her legs and runs into things, she has no concept of personal space... but she's perfect to me."

Adopted Dog Sky

The search was on. I was out of college, had a long-term relationship, and had graduated with an emphasis on pre-veterinary medicine. I was ready to take on the responsibilities of a dog! I had visited multiple shelters, finally landing at Pound Buddies, which was packed full of dogs with every single breed, size and age you could ever imagine. I remember looking at two dogs that day — a chocolate Lab mix who was well-behaved and could catch anything you threw… and then there was Sky. The Lab-Pit mix who, when I threw a ball, chased it so eagerly she tripped over her own legs in the snow, somersaulted and landed on her face. She never got that ball, but came back to me and just put her head in my chest, and in that moment I knew she needed me so much more than the other pup.

Adopted Dog Sky

Sky came home with me that day. Fearful of men, fearful of large stick-like objects and partially potty-trained, Sky could be sent sprinting to her kennel where you would find her for the next couple of hours cowering with the simplest “no.” Needless to say, Sky’s first lesson to me was on patience. Patience to learn, patience with making progress, patience to understand one another, and patience to accept that parts of her would never change, just as they wouldn’t with me.

Adopted Dog Sky

Over the next six months, Sky and I grew closer. Sky grew to get past her fears, but mine had
just begun. My relationship turned abusive, and Sky was in the middle. We had adopted Sky together, but we both knew she was mine at heart. During this time Sky became my protector, my biggest supporter, and in the end helped be my reason to leave… to protect her and myself. In my recovery Sky was constantly close, always happy to see me, always being a ball of fur to hold or cry into, and would still make me laugh constantly. She howls when I sing, she still trips over her legs and runs into things, she has no concept of personal space… but she’s perfect to me.

Adopted Dog Sky

Five years later Sky has overcome all her fears in life and spends most days lounging anywhere so long as it’s next to someone. She’s changed my life by protecting me, motivating me, and supporting me through all of life’s battles. I may have saved Sky from being in a shelter one more day, but she saved me by being my partner in life.

Each year, Petco Love invites adopters to share the story of how their adopted pet changed their lives during the annual Holiday Wishes campaign, giving the organization that they adopted from a chance to receive a grant award. This story by Angela won Volunteers for Muskegon County Animal Control, DBA Pound Buddies Rescue in Muskegon, Michigan a 2019 Holiday Wishes award.