Adoption Media Resources

We're thrilled to support the incredible work you do for animals, and we want to help you spread the news. You may wish to send out a news release (for media), newsletter (for your email or print subscribers), a Facebook post, Tweet or other form of communication to share and celebrate the programs we help you fund—and we're here to help!

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Adoption event resources

If you’re a Petco adoption partner and participating in a pet adoption event, we have resources to help make your adoption weekends a success! Just click on the image you want and it will automatically download to your desktop. From here you can add your org’s information. Here’s what you need to include: event time, event address and your website and logo.

Need help adding your logo and address to the graphic? We suggest using PicMonkey to make your edits after you save the image you want.

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  • Adoption Event Resources

    Jump-Start Your Adoption Event

    Thank you for partnering with Petco Love to host an adoption event at your local Petco store!

    Click to download the General Adoption Resource Guide and Marketing Materials to be used at any time.

    What’s included in the Resource Guide?

    • Tips and timelines to help you plan the promotion of your event
    • A customizable media alert to send to your local media outlets
    • Shareable social media graphics and suggested text
    • Printable and customizable full-page, color flyers
    • Printable and customizable half-page, black and white flyers

    Getting Started

    Now that you’ve downloaded the Resource Guide, what’s next?

    3-4 Weeks from the event:

    1. Update the customizable flyers and media alert to include your organization’s logo, name and event information.
    2. Include the event details in your organization’s newsletter
    3. Post your event details on local community calendars.
    4. Create a Facebook event using the provided Facebook event cover photo and description.
    5. Begin promoting your event on your social media channels using the provided graphics and video.

    2 Weeks from the event:

    1. Ramp up the posts on your organization’s social media channels.
    2. Send out an email to your supporters with the event details and encourage them to share the Facebook event with their friends.

    Week of the event:

    1. Send the customized media alert to your local media outlets.
    2. Introduce your adoptable pets on your social media channels.
    3. Send an email reminder to supporters about your event.

    Day of the event:

    1. Take photos and videos at your event.
    2. Try streaming a video on Facebook Live from your event. Ideas for a video:
    • Introduce the adoptable pets
    • Ask volunteers why they support your organization
    • Share a quick interview with families when they adopt a pet

    After the event:

    1. Share photos and videos on your social media sites and be sure to tag @PetcoLove so we can share your lifesaving stories.

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Petco Love Logo

Petco Love logo is the one to use when Petco Love has supplied a grant for money, product or sponsorship for your event. Please ensure that Petco Love, not the Petco logo, is the logo used when showcasing these sponsorships.

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Adoption Media Resources
Adoption Media Resources