Meet a Helping Hero
Meet a Helping Hero

On Saturday, October 12 from 11am – 1pm local time, Petco Love and local organizations are inviting the public to meet Helping Heroes at Petco stores. Guests will learn about the transformative impact that therapy, service and/or working animals have on lives every day.

Use the map to find a participating store near you.

Service Animals

Service animals are trained to provide daily support for people with physical, neurological and mental health needs.

Meet Kota

Working Animals

Working animals are trained to perform a specific task. Often these animals have jobs like safeguarding military bases, search and rescue, and detecting arson.

Meet Jake

Therapy Animals

Therapy animals provide affection and comfort to people at places such as hospitals, senior living centers and schools.

Meet Scarlett

Helping Heroes

From October 5 to October 27, join Petco Love in supporting thousands of therapy, service and working animals who bravely dedicate their lives to helping people.