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adoption ambassador program

Petco Love Adoption Ambassadors are volunteers who share our mission to create a lifesaving nation! They are shelter volunteers, foster families, animal welfare professionals and adopters who partner with us to spread our shared lifesaving message by leveraging their social networks to influence lifesaving action.

Adoption Ambassadors commit to a minimum of one year of service during which time they participate in various initiatives and projects as outlined by Petco Love. These projects are designed to give Adoption Ambassadors unique tools to help inspire their networks to create a lifesaving impact in their local communities. The Adoption Ambassador initiatives support Petco Love initiatives like in-store campaigns, Be A Foster events and #ShelterValentine.

Each Adoption Ambassador has a special story and represents our shared commitment to saving animal lives. Learn more about our ambassadors below!

abigail + ariel

Foster Dogs Inc.


Ariel’s Bio

Ariel is the dog who started it all. I saw her post on Susie’s Senior Dogs and knew instantly that she was my dog. In the summer of 2016, I brought Ariel home to live out her golden years in a life of luxury. Ariel was a “young” senior – somewhere between 6 and 9, but she was exactly what I was looking for. She was the dog no one wanted; older, arthritic, dog aggressive (now considered dog selective), pit bull rottweiler mix. All dogs deserve a happy loving home, but it’s the dogs who are especially challenging, weird, and difficult that hold a special place in my heart. As soon as I met Ariel, I knew I would be a part of the dog rescue community as much as practically possible – which ultimately lead me to fostering. Fostering has helped Ariel become more socialized with other dogs to the point where she has two permeant siblings, Rose and Asparagus (who is also her husband). Dog rescue isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. Rose is a slightly neurotic attempted cat killer and Asparagus poops himself in fear if you look at him. They are perfect.

amber + ariel

Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

Adopted dog Ariel

Amber’s Bio

I adopted my heart dog, Ariel, and she has changed my life. Together we have discovered a love of the great outdoors and have climbed mountains all throughout New York State to become Adirondack 46ers and Catskill 3500ers. When we aren’t hiking we are exploring lakes and rivers on my paddleboard, cross country skiing, or dreaming up dog friendly vacations. Ariel and I have pursued a dream of traveling the country and spent two months hiking and camping across the United States and Canada, along with my now husband, Matt. We share our home with Ariel’s siblings- our two cats, Ollie and Floki. Read Amber + Ariel’s winning Holiday Wishes story

bree + noodle

Everett Animal Shelter


Bree’s Bio

Adopting Noodle continues to be one of the best moments for us. On a daily basis she inspires us. We hope she can inspire people to support pet adoption however they can, in big and small ways. Noodle’s particular story hopefully encourages people to adopt but also to adapt their lives. If she can in some small way encourage people to keep adapting in order to overcome their limitation(s), physical or otherwise, then we can all live our best adventures. You’ll find Noodle living hers in the woods or with a frisbee in tow. Read Bree + Noodle’s winning Holiday Wishes story

cassandra + the sunshine dogs

Orphans of the Storm + SPARRO

Adopted dogs - the sunshine dogs

Cassandra’s Bio

Hi all, I’m Cassandra and these are my rescue mutts Charlie & Sprout- AKA The Sunshine Dogs. We live on a small farm in rural PA. We love to promote adoption, fostering and volunteering on a daily basis as well as collecting donations for our local shelters as often as possible. We believe that adopting a pet truly changes your life for the better and we want the world to know that too!

kathryn + lil hobbs

Tails of Love + NYCACC


Kathryn’s Bio

Lil Hobbs came into my life on Christmas Eve 2016, officially making him the best present I’ve ever received. I adopted him through a rescue organization called Tails of Love after he had been found as a stray in New York City.  He was a neglected senior dog with a whole host of issues – scar tissue from torn ligaments that never healed, cataracts, arthritis, fractured teeth, and a very grumpy personality on top of that. Since then, he’s made huge strides in his health and demeanor! His eyes and fur are brighter and shinier than ever, he hobbles a lot less than he used to, and sometimes he even plays. In 2018, Hobbs and I took a cross-country road trip to move from New York to beautiful San Diego. Hobbs has loved the change in scenery and is enjoying his retirement by lounging by the pool, soaking in the sun, and serving as my art muse. Lil Hobbs is a devoted advocate for rescuing senior dogs, and hopes the others will be inspired by his story to give older pets a chance.

kim + ruger



Kim’s Bio

Ruger and I met at the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter in May of 2015. It may have been his tiny tuxedo coat, or the wild look in his eyes, but as soon as I saw him- I knew he was meant to be my best friend. Over the years we have bonded through adventure…. exploring hiking trails and kayaking on lakes and rivers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Ruger has helped me to adopt an appreciation for cats and constantly proves that cats are social, curious, and courageous companions. He breaks the stereotypes of cats and proves that they can be bold, adventurous, and loving- much like canines can be. I share our adoption story in hopes that more folks will open their hearts to cats in shelters, after learning how unique their relationship could be! Read Kim + Ruger’s winning Holiday Wishes story

molly + frank jr. jr.

Muddy Paws Rescue

Adopted Dog Frank Jr Jr

Molly’s Bio

Molly’s childhood dream of becoming a vet were dashed when she discovered that she hated science.So, she was delighted to discover that she could channel her love for animals in a different way – as a rescue advocate and adoption ambassador!
Molly’s true rescue journey began after adopting her best pal, Frank Jr Jr, from Muddy Paws Rescue. Having spent years as a “DIY rescuer” – helping injured wildlife and the occasional feral cat – Molly began volunteering and fostering with the rescue, eventually taking on the role of Chair of the Board of Directors.

Molly spends her time promoting responsible rescue and working with partners to increase exposure for all of NYC’s adoptable animals. In her downtime, you can find her fetching balls for Frank in the park (one day, he will learn the concept of “bring it back!”) or trying to convince her two ex-feral felines that they don’t need to scream the minute they can see the bottom of the food bowl. Read Molly + Frank Jr Jr’s winning Holiday Wishes story

julia + stella

PAWS Chicago


Julia’s Bio

Hi my name is Julia and together my adopted dog, Stella and I foster kittens! I had been fostering kittens, cats, and puppies for over a year when I first met Stella. She had come into the shelter with her nine siblings, and we were asked to foster three of them. We fell in love and now she’s been a part of the family for almost a year! During her time with us, Stella has learned how to take care of kittens and loves to watch me take care of them. We love to go on adventures, play soccer together, and spread the message of fostering and adoption on my Instagram @juliarescues!

gary, xin + the stumpy brigade

Eleventh Hour Rescue


Gary + Xin’s Bio

We are @thestumpybrigade and we are a rescue furmily of eight. We have 5 dogs: Mocha, Chai, Toffee, Peppermint, & Eggnog and 3 cats: Chi, Miso, & Cocopuff. Life is never boring because each of our furbabies have different and quirky personalities. Mocha is the queen of the pack, Chai is the bouncy silly goose, Toffee is a couch potato, Peppermint is a dog-cat, and Eggnog is a derpy troublemaker. Chi is a princess, Miso is the best foster dad, and Cocopuff, the baby, is a food monster.

We enjoy different activities with our dogs, such as agility, barn hunt, and therapy work. Toffee and Noggy are certified therapy dogs and work with children and senior citizens to bring joy and comfort to those that need it. They have completed many visits to schools, libraries, airports, nursing homes, and veteran assisted living facilities to spread love and cheer.

We love supporting our local rescue organizations. We volunteer for multiple rescue organizations. We pull and transport dogs to their foster and forever homes. We temporarily foster dogs in need of a few night’s stay in a good home. We actively foster kittens and cats in our home. We have fostered and over 50 cats. Our cats and dogs love to meet and play with new fosters to help prepare them for their forever homes.

We hope to share our story to encourage others to rescue, foster, adopt, and get involved with their local rescue organizations.

alyssa + her fosters

Anderson Animal Shelter


Alyssa’s Bio

I began fostering kittens through Anderson Animal Shelter in 2016 after seeing a plea on their website for foster homes. I have always loved animals, but fostering allowed me to turn that love into life-saving action! Since then I have fostered over 100 kittens, cats, dogs, and puppies. As a college student I spend much of my time between classes providing specialized care for my fosters, volunteering at the shelter, and advocating for animal rescue and adoption. In 2019 I adopted one of my foster kittens, Marigold, who serves as my best friend and holds the position of foster kitten grooming and socialization manager!

kira + arminius

FURRR 911 + Meow Parlour

Adopted Cat Arminius

Kira’s Bio

Kira is a 16 year old on a mission to save orphaned, abandoned, and medically complex kittens. Often times picking up fosters from FURRR911 in New York, she then brings them back to her home in Vermont where they are cared for, rehabilitated, and eventually adopted out into loving forever homes. Since a very young age Kira has loved animals and wanted to do something meaningful to help them. When her health took a turn for the worst, she found herself almost entirely relyant on other people. As a person who loves giving back, this was very difficult. In search of a purpose, Kira quickly fell in love with fostering. Using medical knowledge aquired from her own health conditions and treatments, along with that aquired from shadowing and volunteering at the River Cove Animal Hospital, Serisky has been able to take on some of the toughest cases. With around 30 kittens under her belt, Kira and her adopted sidekick Arminius – a former foster who against all odds was born with the same rare condition – are just getting started.

roo + johnny

Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation

Bio Coming Soon


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laura + her fosters

Feral Change + OAS


Laura’s Bio

Laura (Bay Area Baby Cats) is a foster parent in Oakland, California. She lives with her two resident cats and a revolving cast of kittens. Always an animal lover, she started fostering in 2016 and has now fostered over 100 cats, kittens, and a few bunnies. Her favorite groups to foster are neonatal kittens with their mother, because it is fun to see all the stages of the kittens’ development, but the mother does most of the hard work. Laura is very passionate about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) as the ultimate solution to cat overpopulation and hopes that more animal lovers choose to get involved in TNR. Her favorite organizations to foster for are Feral Change, Oakland Animal Services, and Hopalong Animal Rescue.

lisa + her fosters

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando


Lisa’s Bio

Hi, my name is Lisa! I am a foster and volunteer for Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. I started volunteering at Pet Alliance in late 2014 shortly after moving to Orlando. You can typically find me in the cattery most Sundays 12-3 pm providing the cats with love, socialization and helping adopters find their perfect match. My fostering journey began a few months after I started volunteering. One day during my volunteer shift a young mom cat and her tiny one week old kittens were brought to the shelter. They needed a foster home so I decided to give it a try and have been fostering ever since! To date I have fostered nearly 300 cats and kittens. Last year I got involved with TNR (trap neuter return) in an effort to help control the community cat overpopulation problem across central Florida. I do have a few resident cats like Charlie. Charlie is a former Pet Alliance foster that I adopted. He provides me with soothing purrs, endless cuddles and drool-filled kisses helping me to get through the tough days and appreciate the good ones.

nicole + hailey

Lucky Dog Rescue


Nicole’s Bio

I am a photographer, and animal rescuer. My husband, daughter, and I share our home with our three dogs, and two cats. I am so lucky to get to pair my passions of photography and saving animals as a HeartsSpeak Artist Helping Animals Member. As the Assistant Director of Lucky Dog Rescue, I get to experience all aspects of rescue. Some days may be challenging, but they are always worth the reward!

julia + lu-seal

Humane Animal Rescue


Julia’s Bio

Lu-Seal is a chihuahua who was abandoned at 9 years old, weighing 16 pounds – so overweight that she was unable to walk. She was adopted by her new mom, who put her on a strict diet and exercise plan. Now she weighs 8 pounds and can run and play like she never dreamed, but her favorite activities are still snuggling in bed and convincing people to feed her. In her free time, she advocates for pet adoption and pet obesity awareness. Read Julia + Lu-seal’s winning Holiday Wishes story

ellen + her fosters

Hearts Alive Village


Ellen’s Bio

Hi everyone! With over 25 years experience in fostering neonates, kittens/cats, critical care and hospice fosters, my foster rooms are never empty. My passion is to advocate fostering, adopting, donating and to promote volunteering! I’m also involved in TNR (trap, neuter, return) feral cats.

Originally from Chicago, moved to Vegas years ago and love it. My 2 resident cats are Click-click and Max, both help me socialize fosters and have earned the title of official kitten-wranglers.

Apply to be an adoption Ambassador

If you have a following on Social Media above 5,000, share our Think Adoption First philosophy, and want to volunteer your time to inspire lifesaving action – we want to hear from you! The Adoption Ambassador program is comprised fully of volunteers. Throughout the year, this group will receive activations in which they can choose to participate. These activations range from posting a call-to-action on social media to attending an adoption event at a local Petco.

Be A Foster Activation

In June, Petco Love celebrated National Foster a Pet Month during our Be A Foster campaign. Select Adoption Ambassadors were given the opportunity to host Foster Favorites giveaways with items and supplies from Petco. These giveaways were hosted on Social Media to encourage followers to take action and become fosters.

Each Foster Favorites kit contained BOBS from Skechers shoes, too!

Adoption Ambassadors also attended Be A Foster event in Petco stores around the country. They partners with local animal welfare organizations to recruit new fosters and share their personal foster journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can become an Adoption Ambassador?

    Anyone who believes Love Saves Lives! We are looking for individuals with a strong social media presence who use their platform to spread the message of adoption to help bring pets in need together with people who will love them!

  • What does an Adoption Ambassador do?

    Petco Love hosts several campaigns and initiatives throughout the year in which Adoption Ambassadors are invited to participate. Activations can include the following: multiple in-feed social media posts with specific instructions and required metric reporting, online and in-person giveaways, in-store attendance at adoption events and Photos With Santa events and a number of other fun activities!

  • How can I become an Adoption Ambassador?

    We’re so glad you asked! Step one will be to complete our Adoption Ambassador Application here. Once your application is submitted, it will be placed under review by our team. If it is decided you are a strong candidate, we will reach out to you promptly!