All For Love

Pets change our lives, let’s save theirs!

Together we find a way to harness the power of love to make communities and pet families closer, stronger, and healthier. With $330 million invested, we’re creating a lifesaving nation.

FREE PET VACCINES: Together, we can stop deadly, preventable diseases for pets in need. Petco Love leads the way with a commitment to providing two million free vaccines for family pets.

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$330 Million Invested

We lead with innovation and passion. Empowering local organizations and giving animal-loving people the tools they need to reunite lost pets and inspire and mobilize communities to drive change alongside us.

More About Our Impact

Provide Lifesaving Care to Pets in Need

At Petco Love, we’re determined to end preventable euthanasia.

We've invested more than $27 million in the fight against pet cancer and other critical pet health care needs.

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Love Stories

Since 2013, more than 20,000 adopters from across the country have shared stories of how their pet changes their lives. Petco Love has celebrated these stories and given $7M grant awards to the lifesaving organizations that made these adoption matches possible.

Natasha + Oona and Elio

At the start of San Francisco’s COVID-19 lockdown, Natasha and her partner made adopted kittens Oona and Elio part of their family. For a neighborhood in isolation, the kittens’ playful antics in their windowfront hammock became a source of happiness that brought their neighborhood together.

Natasha, Oakland, CA

Skechers Partners with Petco Love

Through its partnership with Petco Love and animal welfare organizations, Skechers has donated over $10 million to help to save and support 1.3 million shelter dogs and cats in the United States and Canada.

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